At FiveTwelve we make a clear distinction between a business and a company. FiveTwelve is a small business that enables a company of talented people working together towards a common goal of achieving a higher quality of life while providing valuable services to our customers.

Our Story is What Makes Us Unique

We started FiveTwelve because we were tired of working at large companies, where a person is a number.  We wanted to create an environment with a flat structure, where ideas are accepted and tried, and people are respected.  We strive to be the company where people stay because they want to, not because they have to.  We love learning new technologies, having meaningful work, and getting rewarded for it.  We love getting up in the morning and going to work with a smile on our faces.  We work hard and focus to be able to enjoy an awesome feeling of achievement in the end!

We treat everyone with equal respect.  No one is just a number.  We listen to suggestions on how to make FiveTwelve better and work hard to find ways to implement those suggestions.  We are committed to everyone who is a part of FiveTwelve.  We are building a company where you work because you want to, not because it’s just a paycheck.

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The 4 Ms

Since its founding, FiveTwelve has been guided by the following four principles.

Meaningful Work

Meaningful work is staying close to the customer’s mission. Our work is visible and important. Our customers rely on us to complete critical, mission-oriented tasks.


Change is life; change is inevitable. Sooner or later we will all move on to other projects. FiveTwelve understands that and wants to ensure every member of the company keeps their knowledge fresh.  We encourage all of our employees to experiment, research, work with the latest technology, and get the best training (paid for by us) so that when it is time to make a change, they are prepared.

Mental Health

We want you to love your job and to love the company that you’re working for.  We offer a variety of ways to achieve your ideal work-life balance: Generous PTO, Gym memberships, and a caring and available leadership team.


FiveTwelve is committed to paying competitive salaries and offering the most comprehensive benefits package possible.