At the Sharp End

Our company understands the challenges that our Nation faces. To ensure that our customers are successful in achieving their unique missions, we continuously stay ahead of industry trends to employ the latest technologies and recommend the best solutions.

We learn every detail of our customers’ needs. Our engineers are experts at solving complex problems with innovative, custom solutions, and providing a range of recommendations characterized by ingenuity and practicality.

Most importantly, we deliver results quickly and efficiently.

Core Capabilities

Cloud Computing / Analytics

  • Data Modeling and Simulation
  • Performance Testing and Cloud Tuning
  • OpenStack Cloud Computing Software Stack
  • Hadoop software framework for distributed processing
  • Analytic development and visualizations
  • Dataflow setup and monitoring

Software Engineering

  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Extreme Programming Methodologies
  • Software Requirement gathering and Gap analysis
  • Architecture design and development
  • Mission Critical, High Availability System Design
  • Real Time Analytic and Alerting Systems
  • Test Drive Development and Unit Testing
  • Web enabled Application Development
  • High Performance Enterprise Java Message Services
  • Rapid Response Quick Delivery of capabilities

System Engineering

  • Provide guidance on feasibility of system design and implementations
  • Software Integration Requirement Discovery and Evaluation of Test and Installation Procedures
  • Life-cycle management of complex multi-system data centers
  • Develop Use Case Diagrams to visualize system interactions
  • System Configuration Review and Documentation